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Personal BlockchainS

Symetria is based on Personal Blockchains Technology — you digitally sign each transaction and so do we, creating a system of fairness and accountability. Nothing can be done on your account without your authentication - nothing.

Step 1

PROVE the integrity of your actions BY your digital signature.

By adding your digital signature, you prove it’s actually you.  You also protect from anyone tampering with the details of your request.

Step 2

PROVE what Symetria does for you BY our digital signature.

Our digital signature proves what we do for you.  It also proves what you asked us to do. Together, they form a “Block”.

Step 3

PROVE the before and after of everything we do together BY connecting blocks into a blockchain.

Blocks can build upon other blocks to change the state of your account.  Combining blocks forms a blockchain, which lets you prove state before and after each action. 

Step 4

PROVE the fairness of your entire experience BY using Personal Blockchains for everything.

Your entire account and everything that happens to it is built upon your Personal Blockchains. That means we can’t do anything to your account without your authentication. If you want to, you can prove to the world everything you do and everything we do for you. This keeps us accountable to you. We work together as equals to build your Personal Blockchains.

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