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A new standard for cryptocurrency

Personal Blockchains

Symetria's Personal Blockchains technology provides cryptographic secured proof of every transaction and all activity on your account. Introducing the new system of fairness and accountability in cryptocurrency transactions.



The only wallet and exchange built using Personal Blockchains Technology.

What we stand for

At Symetria, we're working hard to level the playing field. WE give our customers the same access to their transaction DATA that we have, balancing the power between exchange and trader. At symetria, you're among equals.

User-Empowered Technology

All account transactions are built on your Personal Blockchains, accessible any time. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you can prove that your transactions went exactly as planned.

User-Empowered Trading

Your name means something, and so does ours. That’s why we can’t do anything to your account without your authentication. We work together as information equals.

User-Empowered Experience

At our core, we’re here to do one thing: empower cryptocurrency fanatics. Every aspect of what we do is for the user to ensure that they have a great experience with our exchange.

User-Empowered Wealth

We want to share our success with our customers by offering one of the the best referral programs in the industry. Our referral program gives users tiered rewards from 21% up to 51%.

We started Symetria with the purpose of solving the trust issues associated with centralized systems and make cryptocurrency exchanges accountable for their actions. We’re building a WALLET and exchange where customers are our information equals, balancing the power between trader and exchange. Symetria’s Personal Blockchains Technology will bring accountability and integrity to the cryptocurrency industry.

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Privacy that’s right for you

Symetria values your privacy that’s why your Personal Blockchains remain private, unless you want it published.

A new standard in accountability

You're in control of holding us accountable. Immutable cryptographic proof of every transaction thanks to Personal Blockchains.

Security through clarity

We provide multi-factor authentication including geo-location security as an extra provision to enhance login security.

Fast as lightning

Symetria is built on a rapid, lightweight platform for faster trading. When prices fluctuate every second, then every second counts.

Register with Symetria

Our simple sign-up process takes less than 30 seconds – it’s painless!

Deposit crytocurrency with absolute certainty

Trust is great – but nothing beats the peace of mind of being able to cryptographically prove that you desposited your valuable cryptocurrency on our exchange.

INvest, Trade or Hodl

The best time to own crypto is today! Whether you invest, trade, or choose to HODL – do it all with peace of mind.

Personal Blockchains are always working in the background

Enjoy knowing that every transaction made on your account – sending, buying, or selling crypto, can’t be completed without your digital signature. Personal Blockchains is always working in the background to keep you safe.

how it works

Refer a friend

Invite a friend to try Symetria and enjoy one of the best referral programs in the industry. Enjoy tiered rewards up to 51%!

Revenue share of trading fees from every referral
Easy to share referral ID across multiple platforms
Tiered rewards based on how much information you provide - from 21% up to 51% if you and your referee both KYC
The more people you refer that trade, the more money you generate!

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